Monday, December 21, 2009

NIK software announces Viveza 2

Viveza has been one of the best Photoshop plug ins I know. I use it on most, if not all, of my pictures. As with Viveza, Viveza 2 uses "upoint" technology that makes processing your images fast and simple. "upoint" means exactly what it says, you point, click and slide. That's it. They have introduced some additional sliders to make processing even easier. Can you do the same adjustments in ps, of course, but with Viveza there are no complicated selections or layers. The learning curve is extremely short. I processed the above photography with just a few clicks.

Take a look at their site, here . They have a free 15 day trial offer as well as some interesting videos explaining Viveza in more detail.

While there take a look at the other programs in their product line. I'll be talking about some of the them in the next few days.

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