Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to OZ 2.0 - Vincent Versace's new book

"Welcome to Oz 2.0" is a must read for those who want to take their processing to a higher level. "Welcome to Oz 2.0" is not just a quick update to his original book "Welcome to Oz". This is a completely re-written text moving way beyond the first book. In 3 of the chapters he uses some of the same images as in the first but his workflow has expanded. He explains in great detail the path to a great print starting with the concepts of pre-emptive photoshop and image harvesting. For those of us interested in HDR photography, Vincent expands the whole concept to what he calls ExDR. This expands dynamic range to include time, blur, color etc. For me, one of the most fascinating sections in each chapter is his use of the lighting effects filter in photoshop. (Filters>Render>Lighting Effects).

100 pages longer than the first volume, the book also includes over $230. worth of NIK and onOne software, free.

You can find here.

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