Thursday, January 10, 2013

My first picture using a Panasonic G5 mirrorless camera

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This is the first HDR photo I took using my new mirrorless Panasonic G5. Here are a few first impressions. The camera is certainly light in weight, but not too light. It feels good in my hand and great for walking around New York City. Before going out, I took some time learning the menus, that was a big help, so I had the camera pretty well set up to do the things I wanted. I do like the touch screen.
This is a five shot HDR processed using Photomatix and NIK software. There was very little noise to deal with in post. A lot better than my Canon 50D. All in all I think this is going to serve me well.
I'm going to Arizona in a few weeks and only taking the G5, an Olympus 9mm-18mm lens and a Lumix 45mm - 200mm lens.

I'll let you know how that works out. MTC

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