Saturday, June 12, 2010

NIK Announces HDR software

You can say what you want about HDR but all the big names are getting into the software market. I hear that there is an upgrade coming for Photomatix. Adobe Photoshop has added a new and more powerful HDR Pro module to CS5. And now NIK has announced that they will be shipping a new HDR software package at the end of the summer.

Yesterday I attended a "sneak peek" webinar presented by NIK on their new package. I must say that it looked very interesting. I liked the fact that it will have many presets that will give a good starting point to processing. Their "U-point" technology is in there also and that will add some exciting local control to the processing.

I'm looking forward to the introduction.

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  1. Well, you have to have the money to spend to get all these new programs! I'm just shuffling along with Photoshop Elements right now.