Saturday, August 14, 2010

NIK Radio - it's a must

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First a word about the attached pictures. The picture above was taken a few weeks ago while out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's right, Santa Fe. The first Sat. we were there we went to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. A great place to shoot.
Here are 2 others. The vendors all dressed in their traditional cloths and the craft quality was spectacular. I did buy my wife a beautiful bracelet from Laos that I could not resist. She loved it. There was a craft person from Bhutan, a country we visited a few years ago. In the "Small World" category, his good friend was our guide.

Now on to NIK radio. If your into NIK software, and you should be, this is a must listen every week. Yes there is a lot of information about their products but the interviews are packed with tons of information. Last weeks interview with Vincent Versace has some great philosophical insights into photography and photo processing. I invite you to listen and enjoy.
I couldn't resist. Here's a picture from Bhutan.

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