Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're going on a field trip

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Well, this past week-end was a computer nightmare. My MSN account was hacked and my entire email list was sent a message from me saying that I was mugged in the UK and lost my passport, money etc. etc."SEND MONEY". That's not the worst of it. My password, second email address and secret question answer were also changed. Your right. I was locked out of everything. What a mess. One would think that MSN would have a simple way of repairing this since it was probably their computers that were hacked in the first place. But NO! They leave you out on a Lonely Island. (Lonely Island, that's the title of my son's new CD)

I digress. I finally found some computer type on Google who had the same issue earlier in the year. He found a secrete website at MSN. I'm not sure that it's secrete but they sure make it hard to find. You go in and fill out a questionnaire about personal things that only you would know, and press send. Out it goes and a few seconds later receive back an email saying that they, Microsoft I think, will review the answers and respond within 24 hours if they accept your request. Admittedly it was a holiday weed-end so about 40 hours later I was blessed with a positive response and I thought that my world was OK again. Wrong.

I was able to reset a password and get back to my now EMPTY files. I could go on but you get the drift. It will take a while to figure this all out and rebuild my computer life.

I know that there are much larger issues out in the world to be solved so I'll move on.

We're off on a hiking trip to New Mexico at the end of the week. I am taking my photo gear and hope to come back with a few images worth sharing.

To those of you who did offer help me and send money, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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