Monday, September 27, 2010

Discount codes from Trey Ratcliff

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We just got back from Portland, Maine. What a great place to visit. I highly recommend it if your ever up that way. The above picture was taken just as we left a restaurant. As you can see it's right on the water. The picture is of the ferry pier. It's a 3 image HDR shot at +2 0 -2 and processed with Photomatix and Color Efex Pro 3. Of course there's some photoshop in it also.
I told you a few weeks ago that Trey has come out with a DVD course. Well today I received word that I can offer a discount code for both editions. The codes are good for 10% off the Basic Edition and 20% off the Premium Edition. Just go to this website and enter the code for the edition you want.
I have the premium edition and it's more than worth the investment if you're really into HDR and Trey's style of shooting and processing. Take a look. You wont be sorry.
Basic Edition - 55BASICDVD
Premium Edition - 66PREMIUMDVD

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